A Cruise self-driving car was pulled over which led to a confusing and slightly humorous encounter
Google says that AI-written content, such as those written by GPT-3, fall under the category of auto-generated content and are considered spam
Heyday is live on Product Hunt today! Your support would mean the world to us!
While a majority of Americans would like to use AI at work, they would still prefer to maintain final decision making power
A Pew Research Survey has found that Americans are “slightly more concerned than excited” with the use of AI in daily life
Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’re loving Machine Learnings! If so, I’d like to invite you to another newsletter that I am writing called Top of the…
Numerous videos geared towards children on the platform have accidentally and incorrectly had adult language added to their algorithmic captions
The controversial facial recognition company tells investors this would be enough to ensure that “almost everyone in the world will be identifiable”
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